Theft crimes are stolen property or services which include embezzlement, larceny, identity theft, robbery or burglary.

Offenders can be a kid who uses his parent’s checks or credit card without permission, a burglar who breaks into a home or an employee who takes money for a job and doesn’t complete it.

Severity of theft crime penalties vary depending on the value of the stolen property or services.

In California, theft crimes are separated into two categories: grand theft and petty theft.

A person charged with grand theft can receive up to one year in jail or state prison for 16 months or two to three years in prison. Charges with large valued amounts can carry longer prison terms.

A person charged with petty theft, a misdemeanor, can get up to six months in jail and fines.

In both instances, contributing factors are taken into account for a case such as circumstances, the kind of offense, the amount stolen and the offender’s criminal history.

Conviction for a theft crime can impact your ability to obtain employment and can have conflicting consequences if you are not or are attempting to become a citizen of the United States.

Seeking out a criminal defense lawyer who understands the many complexities and contributing factors that accompany theft crimes is paramount in obtaining a favorable outcome for your case.

Attorney Burgener has viable experience from handing hundreds of theft crime cases, both petty and grand theft. Contact the office and receive a free consultation concerning your matter and best possible options.

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