Smuggling Crimes

Illegal smuggling into the United States is considered an extremely serious offense in today’s court system. With recent crackdowns in immigration, the federal court looks to treat this particular matter with great severity. Sentencing often includes prison time, up to ten years in federal prison, as well as probation and fines.

Smuggling is a term which includes several different actions and roles, such as: harboring, inducing, smuggling, transporting or hiring. Your charges and options are based on your role in the offense.

It is imperative to have a lawyer who understands the law regarding smuggling and can analyze your role to your best defense.

As criminal defense attorney Burgener has handled hundreds of smuggling cases, he is well-informed and experienced with the law and procedures surrounding smuggling crimes. Call his office for advise and a consultation today.

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William R. Burgener, Esq.

William R. Burgener, Esq.

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