Sex Crimes

If you are charged with a sex crime, contact a defense attorney immediately to discuss your case. These cases can be highly sensitive and it’s important to meet with an attorney and understand your options before speaking to anyone else.

Sex crimes can range from misdemeanors to state or federal felonies and are punishable with prison time, rigid probation requirements or parole, fines and you may be required to register as a sex offender with local and state authorities. Essentially, a very private matter becomes highly publicized to all those around you.

Facing initial sex charges can be embarrassing and the ramifications can affect your family, friends, current job and future employment opportunities.

Typical offenses include: lewd acts in public, indecent exposure, sexual battery, pornography, rape, statutory rape, solicitation and lewd acts with a minor.

When working with an experienced criminal defense attorney, clients have a chance to fight wrongful accusations, investigate statements from accusers and witnesses, challenge validity of facts and, if needed, negotiate fair plea bargains.

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