Drug Crimes

Being charged with a drug crime is an overwhelming experience and it carries serious consequences.

Making bail or bond can be a drawn-out, stressful process for everyone involved, including family and friends.

Navigating the court system, understanding all possible options and negotiating your best decision is a complex web of communication and legality that can spread over a long period of time.

These pressures become manageable, and your options clear, when an experienced attorney works with you.

Most important to understand is that drug crimes are charges with consequences that impact the rest of your life. They can result in significant jail time, probation, fines and a felony on your criminal record.

It is crucial to have an attorney by your side that is able to fight for minimal potential sentencing and protect your rights.

Drug crimes have varying outcomes depending upon several factors. These factors include the type of drug and the drug amount as well as whether or not you have a previous criminal record. It is vital to have criminal defense attorney that understands the pivotal contributing factors to your case.

Contact the Law Office of William R. Burgener and you have immediate access to an attorney that is capable of handling all aspects of your case, with great communication to his clients and their family or friends.

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